The Prowlers were born in Rome (Italy) during winter of 1996. As many Bands, at the beginning of their activity, their gigs where based on Cover Songs.
After about one year of Live Shows all around Italy, the band started to write original songs.

Each element of the Prowlers participates actively to the writing and arrangement of every song, that’s why you will find a large variety of ideas and melodic solutions, even inside a single track! Moreover, thanks to the wide musical background owned by all the band’s members, the songwriting is influenced by different styles, from Hard Rock to NWOBHM, from Power Metal to Progressive.

In December 2000, the band has recorded a Demo CD titled “A Descent into the Maelstrom”, taking inspiration by the E.A. Poe novel, and sent to several Labels, Webzines and Magazines all around the World. The response has been more than positive and they’ve received some Recording Contract proposals, without reaching any agreement.
One year later, The Prowlers have recorded another Demo CD titled “Souls Thieves”.
After a few months they’ve found an agreement with the Italian Label “Northwind Records” and signed the first Recording Deal!

In 2003, soon after the first album release, the band formation increased when Massimiliano De Stefano joined The Prowlers as keyboard player.

A lot of buzz was created in Italy and the media was very positive about the album. In the beginning of 2005 the band has recorded a new Demo CD including 10 new songs. The demo was sent to Intromental Management, who got hooked on to the band and offered a deal. The Prowlers second Album “Devil’s Bridge” has been mixed at the Jailhouse Studio’s (Danmark) during October 2005, by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, TNT, Beyond Twilight, etc).
It has been released in July 2006 by Locomotive Records and received lots of positive reviews from all over the World.

In April 2009 we’ve signed an agreement with the German Label Pure Steel Records for our third Album “Re-Evolution”.
Sound was great and songwriting has changed again in comparison to our first two Albums.

Just after the release of Re-Evolution, after 13 years of activity with the Prowlers, the Guitar Player Stefano “Napo” D’Orazi quits the Band and is replaced by Roberto “Robin” Franzò.

In 2009, the live activity of the band increases a lot, first the European tour with Zak Steven’s Circle II Circle, then the Devilstone Open Air Festival in Lithuania with Sepultura as headliners.
In 2010 the Total Metal Festival, with Primal Fear, The Hounted and many other smashin’ bands!

In August 2010 another line-up changes: Fabio “The Eldar” Schirato quits the band and he won’t be replaced, keeping a 5-members line-up.
Songwriting starts and in October 2011 the Prowlers mix their fourth Album again at the Jailhouse Studios.
12 Kickass heavy/power songs make of “Point of no return” their best album ever!
Just before the release of the Album, Robin leaves and is replaced by Massimo “Reckless Fable” Canfora at the Guitars.

“Point of no return” has been released in March 2013 by the legendary American Label “Perris Records” and will be distributed worldwide. In June 2016 our Bass Player Alex Vincis has left the band and has been replaced by Enrico Sandri. Actually we are working on new songs and looking for gigs all around Europe!!

In April 2021, we have released our fifth Album titled “Closing Circle” via Elevate Records. 11 smashing songs, a mix between Heavy Metal and Prog. As soon as this Covid situation will allow it, we will add some dates to our concerts list.